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From Brandon Smith

Dear Skinny Friend,

Are you sick being skinny and hate it when people say that to you? Do you want to transform your body from being a skinny weak guy to being a muscular man?

iq option Kenya

Are you a lady that doesn't like the way you look and want to look better?

You want to enjoy your time outdoors with your friends or in social gatherings without being so shy about the way you look. Only gaining weight will give you the confidence you need in these situations.

You'll be happy of how you look whether you're in school, university, or at work.

Plus it's totally enjoyable to have such muscles without doing anything what-so-ever.

5 Reasons why gaining weight is important for you 

you want to look nice in clothes—and to wear whatever you want with confidence
you need to look good in photos
you want to feel stronger than you are now
you're applying for a job that requires good appearance
you need to feel more confident

Of course there are other situations that you need to not look skinny, such as when you're going to marry or get married, and want the wedding garments to fit you well.

To be able to reap the benefits of gaining (healthy) weight, you should start soon. Why? Simply… because gaining weight needs some time—AND THE MORE TIME YOU GIVE IT THE BIGGER YOU'LL BECOME.

Plan your Diet with calorie packed food

Part of the 1-2-3 Newbie Gainer solution is a diet planner software.

We developed it because we know that after you learn the techniques you need to gain weight fast, it is important to apply them to get your weight gain results

Find unlimited number of healthy meals/snacks/drinks (with their own recipes) that are highly packed with calories.

You have the option to find breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks, pre-workout, post-workout meals

HWG Diet Planner meals finder

Plan every meal in your day to build your healthy weight gain diet

HWG Diet Planner

Introducing 1-2-3 Newbie Gainer

Stay healthy while gaining weight 

You'll learn everything about how to gain weight while keeping your health at bay. On this program I included only healthy ways to gain weight.

no supplements
no drugs

You don't need artificial products to gain weight, all you need as a newbie how to eat naturally and workout.

You'll only learn how to eat healthy foods that will improve your health while gaining weight.

You Lazy or Busy and Want to Gain Weight Without Putting Much Time 

You'll discover new methods for gaining weight no matter how busy or how lazy you're. I'll show you how to gain weight without spending even one hour in the gym or changing your lifestyle or daily schedule.

Easy and Simple Guide for Newbie and Beginner 

Don't worry that you're not going to understand anything. No, I have made it so simple and concise that will make you grasp it easily. Plus, I'll be with you in personal coaching session—ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE.

Furthermore, you have a 60 days money back guarantee, you can refund anytime you feel unsatisfied.

You Hate Going to Gym, or Feel Shy Being There 

No problem at all. I took this in mind when I was writing this e-book. You'll neither spend much time nor feel shy while being there. What I'm going to show you will let you more confidence. Plus you'll gain weight spending less than an hour.

Learn Vital Tips to Use the Gym with Little Effort 

Yes, you can gain weight without lifting impossible-to-lift weight

no stress needed
no high effort needed

Just gain weight while being relaxed and enjoying your time there. It's as easy as ABC.

"First off your ebook was very imformative i am very happy with my purchase.
I am also very happy with the 10 pds i have put on since adjusting my diet as well as starting a consistant gym routine."
Dylan Dacy from U.S.A

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This Guide is All You Need to Start Off As a Complete Newbie 

I have written this guide with a notion in mind: if you’re busy or lazy, and want to gain weight, you can do so without having to make any change in your lifestyle or schedule...

Also with dedicating so little time...

I have also written it in a simple and easy-to-grasp style in order to help you learn everything fast and without confusion.

There are 4 things that if you mastered, you'll gain weight like breathing


In this guide I show you how to use these important aspects to gain weight successfully without doing any changes in your current lifestyle.

This is all in one super easy and super effective plan that anyone can follow and gain weight from the first month 1000% guaranteed.

I don't know what do you eat or how easily you can gain weight. Just by following my guidelines about how to it, and apply them, you’ll start seeing exciting results in literally as little as a month.

This guide is divided into 2 essential parts...

How to Work Out to Build Good-Looking Body 

Gym for weight gain


In this part of the book, I'm not going to give you detailed instructions about what to do in gym.

You'll only learn the general guidelines that if you followed you'll gain weight fast without any sort of boredom or spending long time in the gym.

All these instructions you really need to have muscled body in all of your coming days.

You'll only find out how to fit the gym into your life and build muscles. You don’t need to be a pro or spend hours in the gym daily to build muscles and have good looking body.

No, you can build muscles without having to spend hours in the gym.

You'll learn...

How long you should stay in gym
How to work out in the gym in order to gain weight
What to do when you feel bored and don't want to go to the gym

You'll know that the secret is not the length of the training session, it's something very different than what you think, and you know what, it will make you love to go to the gym because it's easy to do and generates great results.

You'll never waste your time again without gaining weight every day. Just follow the system and see yourself how your results would be.

How to Smartly Choose Your Weight Gain Food

If you don't eat the weight gain foods, then you won't gain weight. Your muscles need food to get bigger, that's why you have to learn how to choose your weight gain foods smartly.

And you know what; it's very easy to learn...

On this guide I'll show you what food that makes you gain weight, and how to find food and meals that help you get bigger. It's very simple and easy.

You'll learn how to smartly choose weight gain food, in budget, to gain weight and build muscles. You're not going to find it confusing

You'll learn how to choose foods you're familiar with—no special foods
Eat cheap and on budget to gain weight—again no expensive foods needed
Eat healthfully—no need to eat unhealthy foods
How to smartly plan your weight gain meals

With this guide, you’ll start eating correctly, with full understanding, from the first moment of reading this guide.

It’s very concise and includes only information that can help you as a newbie to gain weight fast.

One of the best things you can find when you follow the instructions I have written on this guide is that you don’t make changes in your current lifestyle. You can gain weight while living your normal life. You’re not required to do what bodybuilding pros do.

Calorie Hunter Mini-book—TWO Magical Techniques You Can Immediately Use To Find The Most Calorie-Rich Recipes to Add to Your Diet Plan

Here I'll show you how to easily count your calories until you break your BMR and start to gain weight.

Everyday you'll be able to eat new recipe that gives you the calories you need to gain weight.

There are Calories per food item you should expect after using Calorie Hunter calories you can choose from. There is even more, believe me.

You can eat...

       Pasta eating Pasta

       Rice eating Rice

       Fish eating Fish

       Chicken or Turkey eating Chicken or Turkey

       Smoothies drinking Smoothies

       Fruits eating Fruits

Or anything you love to eat, it all depends upon your desire and you have the complete freedom to choose from thousands of recipes.

It's not just that, but you'll also know the number of calories that each recipe has to easily count your calories.

Nothing can stop you now from choosing your best and most favorable recipes that helps you gain weight anytime.

A final word to tell you is that you'll gain weight only if you do the right things, from eating the right foods to creating your custom diet plan on your own. Doing the whole process is what makes gaining weight easier than ever...

To your success,

Brandon Smith, a Weight Gain Expert

60-days money back guarantee

I also didn't forget to make the cost as low as possible...

P.S. Remember this is not a mere e-book, you will also get the HWG Diet Planner which is a revolutionary diet planner software

P.P.S. You have 60 days money back guarantee, if you're not satisfied I'll immediately pay you back.

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